Having a Successful Recruitment House Tour Video

Published on August 21, 2021 in News, WPN Housing

Digital Recruitment – Go Beyond the Script 

What do you think of when you see a fraternity house tour as a recruitment video? Is it the same video concept, just different people on your campus (like the president and vice president) giving a scripted house tour? Did that video make an impact and make you want to join that organization? No, probably not. 

The Chi Chapter at Western Michigan took a different approach to their recruitment video this past year that focused on being noble gentlemen and the links of brotherhood, philanthropy, campus involvement, and their chapter house.

“Even though we have a house, we wanted to show that we do hang out together and aren’t just tenants in the same building. We wanted to show what makes our house, our home as a chapter,” said Max Lidl, Western Michigan.

Top 10 Tips for an Impressive House Tour Recruitment Video:


  • Consider your audience. While it can be helpful for recruitment, your video can also speak volumes to sororities, campus administration, parents, and alumni. Consider how all audiences will perceive your video. 
  • Stand out from other organization videos. Focus on the Principles and what attracted you to Sig Tau.
  • Include clips of brotherhood events. Consider intramural sports games, casual hanging out with the guys, philanthropy events, or homecoming.
  • Make sure the house and brothers are generally clean and presentable.
  • Highlight the chapter’s accomplishments and awards.
  • Feature house amenities that set your chapter house apart. Include the scholarship room, weight room, different room styles, chapter meal service, etc.
  • Include a variety of chapter members from freshmen to seniors. You want to show relatability and not the same group of guys throughout the video.


  • Flaunt cars, money, luxuries, weapons, or women. The fraternity experience is not based on these superficial items.
  • You can allude to having a fun social life without showing a party scene. Sig Tau is more than after-hours aspects and that should not be the focus of what the chapter does to have a good time together.
  • Give a scripted, stiff house tour. Show personality and more than just the bones of a building.

Other notes of consideration:

  • Be cautious of copyright infringement with music. Select music that is relatable to a wide audience and is respectful in language. 
  • Programs you can use: Adobe Premiere Pro, Finalcut Pro, iMovie
  • Search Youtube for other recruitment or house tour videos and reflect on what stands out to you – good and bad



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