Published on June 25, 2021 in News, Press Releases, Foundation, WPN Housing

The expressed desire for a periodical journal predates the First Grand Conclave. A planning meeting for the First Grand Conclave was held at Emporia, KS in 1924. At the meeting, Ellsworth C. Dent, Emporia State, was elected Provisional Grand Editor. 

In April 1925, Dent published The Signet. It was a 32-page 9” x 6” typeset journal that chronicled the development of Sigma Tau Gamma to that time. It was dedicated to Dr. Wilson C. Morris. Dent later learned that the name was already in use by Phi Sigma Kappa. The name SAGA of Sigma Tau Gamma was officially adopted at the Third Grand Conclave at Emporia, Kansas in 1927.

Initially, the SAGA was published semiannually. Distribution was limited to current undergraduate members, chapter advisors, and national officers. Alumni members could subscribe for $1.00 per year.

In May 1959, the SAGA format changed to that of a standard full-size magazine. Rudolph B. Gandy, Arkansas Monticello, then Assistant Executive Secretary, edited this issue.

In 1964 at the 21st Grand Conclave in St. Louis, Missouri the membership fee was increased to provide for a lifetime subscription to the SAGA for all new members. The Fraternity recognized that the SAGA was critical for the maintenance of interest and involvement by alumni. Keith Dinsmore, Truman State, began volunteer editor duties that year.

Our members value theΒ SAGAΒ as a tangible connection to their Fraternity. The William P. Bernier Communications Endowment of the Sigma Tau Gamma Foundation, provides supplemental funding for the publication of theΒ SAGA.

  • Grand Editor Ellsworth C. Dent, Emporia State β€˜22
  • D. Kenneth Winebrenner, IU Pennsylvania β€˜31
  • Rudolph Gandy, Arkansas at Monticello β€˜48
  • E. Kennedy Whitesitt, Emporia State β€˜24
  • Keith Dinsmore, Truman State β€˜62
  • Bob Bernier, Kent State β€˜70
  • Bill Bernier, Kent State β€˜70
  • Michael B. Haake, Missouri – Kansas City β€˜83
  • Tom Wood, Southeast Missouri β€˜63
  • Eric Deitz, Missouri β€˜90
  • Scott Brockelmeyer, Truman State β€˜88
  • Kyle Steinhauser, Baylor β€˜93
  • Justin Kirk, Nebraska Kearney β€˜97
  • Steve Latour, Central Missouri β€˜16
  • Gregory Ward, Alabama β€˜13



Founded at the University of Central Missouri on June 28, 1920, Sigma Tau Gamma Fraternity celebrated 100 years of brotherhood in 2020. In the last 100 years, the organization has called 197 campuses home and has more than 73,000 initiated members. With a current presence on 75 campuses from coast to coast, our membership includes more than 2,700 undergraduate men. The Headquarters, which is home to the Fraternity, Foundation, and WPN Housing Company, is located in Indianapolis, Indiana. Visit for additional information.