Introducing Chapter Toasts

Published on July 15, 2020 in News, Press Releases

Our 100th Founders Day has come and gone, which means the Centennial is over and we can now focus on the legacy of the next 100 years, right? Wrong! We know that the party has been delayed until June of 2022, but that does not mean we can’t or shouldn’t continue celebrating throughout the Centennial year.

We would like to invite everyone to join us in a toast. That’s right, a toast. On the founding date of every active chartered chapter, we invite all undergraduates and alumni from that chapter to join us via Zoom for a brief program to connect with the current undergraduates and generations of alumni. There will be a brief update on the state of the Fraternity and we will raise our glasses to the success of the chapter we are honoring and to the continued success of Sigma Tau Gamma.

Once we have said our cheers and the staff says ‘Goodnight’, we invite all participants to remain on the call and share in fellowship and brotherhood as a chapter. This will be a great opportunity for undergraduates to share updates and accomplishments with their alumni brothers, as well as allow for the alumni on the call to develop connections with undergraduate members and to support the success of the active chapter. 

This opportunity is grounded in the Principle of Brotherhood to help members engage with one another. Is your chapter no longer active or not yet chartered? Don’t worry, we will be hosting a toast for inactive and associate chapters within each region to share in the experience.

Details regarding how to sign-up will be sent out at the beginning of each month for the chapters who will be celebrated that month. The success of Sig Tau to where we are now is attributed to every chapter that has remained active and every alumnus who chooses to stay engaged, long after the tassel has been moved. 

We hope that you will join us for a toast of your favorite beverage and look forward to connecting with you as we continue to celebrate the 100th birthday of Sigma Tau Gamma. 


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Founded at the University of Central Missouri on June 28, 1920, Sigma Tau Gamma Fraternity celebrated 100 years of brotherhood in 2020. In the last 100 years, the organization has called 193 campuses home and has more than 73,000 initiated members. With a current presence on 80 campuses from coast to coast, our membership includes more than 2,700 undergraduate men. The Headquarters, which is home to the Fraternity, Foundation, and WPN Housing Company, is located in Indianapolis, Indiana. Visit for additional information.