Earl A. Webb Most Improved Chapter Award

webbWhen Earl A. Webb entered college at the University of Central Missouri in Warrensburg, Alpha Chapter was not doing well. When asked why he joined Sig Tau, Earl said that he was in search of someplace where he could help, and help he did.

With Earl’s leadership, Alpha Chapter experienced a revival of sorts. Within ten years of his graduation, he became national president, and with a record of more than 60 years of extraordinary leadership and service, he is known as Mr. Sig Tau.

This award recognizes the one chapter with the greatest year over year improvement in their McCune Metrics Score.

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Michigan Technological University, Gamma Chi [2016, 1993]
Northwest Missouri State University, Theta [2015]
Southeast Missouri State University, Alpha Phi [2014]
Saint Louis University, Epsilon Xi [2013]
University of North Carolina at Charlotte, Epsilon Tau [2013]
Missouri University of Science and Technology, Alpha Omega [2013, 2009]
University of Illinois, Alpha Chi [2013, 1990, 1980, 1990]
Penn State University, Alpha Psi [2013, 1982]
University of Missouri- St. Louis, Gamma Theta [2012]
Truman State University, Beta [2011]
University of Central Missouri, Alpha [2010]
Duquesne University, Delta Beta [2007]
University of Massachusetts- Dartmouth, Epsilon Kappa
University of Wisconsin- LaCrosse, Beta Kappa, [2007]
Pittsburgh State University, Epsilon [2007, 1995]
East Central State University, Tau [2007, 1984]
Millersville University of Pennsylvania, Gamma Tau [2006]
University of Central Oklahoma, Beta Zeta [2006]
University of Central Oklahoma, Beta Zeta [2006]
University of Central Oklahoma, Beta Zeta [2006]
University of Missouri, Beta Alpha [2006]
University of Wisconsin- Platteville, Gamma Xi [2006]
Carnegie Mellon University, Delta Xi [2006, 2001]
Christopher Newport University, Delta Omicron [2005]
The Miami University of Ohio, Delta Rho [2005]
Southwest Missouri State University, Alpha Phi [2004]
Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University, Epsilon Zeta
[2004, 1999]
University of Massachusetts- Lowell, Epsilon Delta [2003]
MacMurray College, Epsilon Alpha [2002]
Kent State University, Iota [2000]
St. Norbert College, Gamma Gamma [1998]
Western Illinois University, Alpha Delta [1997]
Valparaiso University, Beta Lambda [1996, 1991, 1979]
University of Arkansas- Monticello, Upsilon [1994]
Southwest Texas University, Delta Epsilon [1992]
Kearney State College, Beta Chi
[1989, 1986]
Purdue University, Beta Theta
Southern Illinois University, Alpha Sigma [1987]
Eastern Illinois University, Alpha Alpha [1985]
Northwestern Louisiana University, Nu [1983]
California State College of Pennsylvania, Beta Iota
Fort Hays State University, Eta [1978]
Central Oklahoma University, Beta Zeta [1977]
Salem College, Gamma Omicron [1976]