Why Join Sig Tau

Extended Personal Relations and Support Systems

When you join Sigma Tau Gamma, your support system and personal relationships automatically increase significantly in size. Whether you are an undergraduate member on the east coast or west coast, your support system is now coast to coast. Wherever you go, you know you will never be too far away from another brother.

Leadership Skills

Leadership skills are an important part of your undergraduate life. Leadership positions can make your resume stand out, give you actual experience, and can set you apart from others. Sigma Tau Gamma offers over ten different leadership opportunities on a chapter level, with each position offering many ways to acquire leadership skills needed upon graduation.

Networking Opportunities

Sigma Tau Gamma can provide some of the best networking opportunities for any undergraduate leader in the country. Sig Tau offers four different leadership conferences throughout the year. People from all various parts of the United States attend, each offering unique ways to connect with others. When joining Sigma Tau Gamma, your network immediately expands to over 60,000 people.

Career Development

Sigma Tau Gamma can offer career development like no other fraternal organization in the country. Any of our leading institutions can serve as a stepping stone for undergraduates taking the next step into adulthood. With several different leadership roles within the local chapter, Headquarters offers summer internship opportunities to help their professional development.

Academic Support

Sigma Tau Gamma wants to see each undergraduate member succeed and earn their degree. Academics is vital to our sustaining our brotherhood. Each chapter has a designated officer who’s sole responsibility is to support the academics of the members which includes connecting members with campus resources (tutoring or writing center), creating educational incentives, and hosting or promoting related educational workshops for members. We also guide chapter officers, produce resources and guides, and assist with any questions they may have. We award scholarships based on academics and follow up with any chapter that needs assistance with academics.

Making a Difference

Sigma Tau Gamma tries to make a difference in people’s lives every single day. Not only do we help coach undergraduates to become noble men, but we also try to give back to the community. We partner with the Special Olympics, on a  national and local level, to make a difference in our communities.