Principle Awards

At Endeavor Conference in June 2017, Sigma Tau Gamma introduced six new awards; earning their namesake after our six Principles. These new awards are based on our six principles; Learning, Integrity, Excellence, Leadership, Citizenship, and Brotherhood. For each of these awards, we are seeking someone who exemplifies the qualities of the specific Principle in their everyday life. To be considered for an award, the nominee must be either an undergraduate member of Sig Tau or an alumnus who is in good standing with their chapter. Each award application includes a few specific questions, which include the nominees’ scholastic achievements, contributions, and involvement in the chapter and on campus, and describing the learning habits of the nominee and the ways in which the nominee excels both inside and outside of the classroom.

Principle of Learning Award
Nominees for this award should be committed to the pursuit of wisdom and seek to afford the environment for learning in all of his personal and professional endeavors. He is focused and goal-oriented. This nominee excels not only inside the classroom but outside as well and takes on responsibilities and involvement that will complement and support his academic success.

2023 – Nick J. Meyer, Saint Louis ’20
– Jonas M. McCaffrey, Missouri ’21
– Clay J. Miller, Youngstown State ’19
2020 – Zachary W. Hanson, UW – LaCrosse ’18
2019 – P.J. Hawron, Henderson State ’17
2018 – Errek Pham, Youngstown State ’15
2017 – Emerson Lyons, Salisbury ’14

Principle of Integrity Award
Nominees for this award live a life of personal integrity, perfecting a structure of honor and living by the highest standard that keeps our Brotherhood alive. This nominee has the utmost integrity and is an honorable man who lives up to the promises made – to others and himself. He is confident, ethical, and honest.

2023 – Brett C. Hays , UNC Charlotte ’22
– Matias J. Vildosola, UNC Charlotte ’21
2021 –  Logan S. Goldberg, Cincinnati ’17
2020 –  Caleb T. Liles, Northwest Missouri ’17
2019 – Pablo Coria, UNC Charlotte ’16
2018 – Slade Downing, Lindenwood Belleville ’15
 – David Armbruster, Purdue ’16

Principle of Excellence Award
Nominees for this award consistently strive for superior performance and do not shrink from adversity or lofty goals. Nominees are dedicated and purposeful. His actions serve as an example and standard bearer for others. He is curious and bold.

2023 – Landon T. Hill, Central Arkansas ’21
– Owen M. Ballard, Southern Indiana ’21
– Darius A. Thomas, Alabama ’19
2020 – Nicholas A. Gangwer, Alabama ’19
2019 – Dallas Butler, Cincinnati ’17
2018 – Rom Profesorsky, UNC Charlotte ’16
– Dan Robinson, Duquesne ’14

Principle of Leadership Award
Nominees for this award are compelled by a sacred trust and duty to develop good leaders for the world. He is a man who is humble and makes others feel like they are truly part of something special. He is the defender of good from evil. He is always prepared to lend assistance to a Brother in need. He is courageous, innovative, and strategic.

2023 – Ethan N. Murray , Northeastern State ’22
– Andrew R. Youngstrom, Michigan Tech. ’18
2021 – Ryan P. Fusco, UNC Charlotte ’18
2020 – Thomas N. Torres, Emporia State ’18
2019 – Jarrett Brown, Robert Morris ’17
2018 – Jared Palmer, Central Oklahoma ’13
– Austin Koster, Truman State ’15

Principle of Citizenship Award
Nominees for this award are outward defenders of the common man and care about more than just oneself, demonstrating an unwavering commitment to serving his fraternity, college, and country. He is charitable in the broadest sense of the word, knowing those so richly blessed have an obligation to serve those less fortunate. He is generous and kind.

2023 – Dalton D. Miller, Cincinnati ’21
– Clay J. Miller, Youngstown State ’19
2021 – Corwin B. Riordan, Maryland ’19
2020 – Brian G. Winkelmann, William Woods ’16
2019 – Austin L Halverson, Alabama ’15
2018 – Parker Beckman, Purdue, ’17
– Sam Tucker, Alabama ’14

Principle of Brotherhood Award
This nominee loves his fraternity and seeks to enhance the worth of belonging for others. His actions are emblematic of our shield, a protector of our secrets and our life-long commitment to one another. He holds our ideals in high regard and is forever bonded within the Chain of Honor. He is respectful and dignified and proudly represents the fraternity in all his affairs. He is loyal and proud.

2023 – Hunter R. Hull, Central Arkansas ’20
– Joshua R. Combs, Pittsburg State ’21
2021 – Jacob A. Dunnum, UW – La Crosse ’16
2020 – Matthew C. Abel, UNC Charlotte ’17
2019 – Nick Falcon, Southeastern Louisiana ’16
2018 – Charlie Graves, UNC Charlotte ’13
– Mason Millstone, Truman State ’15