Membership Benefits

Men’s Wearhouse

Join the Men’s Wearhouse Perfect Fit Program. Benefits of the program include an introductory discount of 40% upon enrollment, an ongoing discount of 25% off retail price (excluding shoes, clearance, MW Outlet, Exceptional Value, and custom items) in-store and online, and free ground shipping with every online order. To join, follow the steps below:

  1.  Visit Men’s
  2. Create an account (email address for username, create and confirm password, first and last name)
  3. Existing Perfect Fit (PF) Rewards Program members will have a chance to link their PF number to the group account program. If not, you will be able to sign up for an account. **
  4. Once registration is complete, users will see their profile page.
  5. Lower/upper right corner, click “More”. Enter your Group ID: ACHJ1507 and email address
  6. You can claim your introductory 40% off coupon immediately by clicking on the offer icon
  7. To gain access to your ongoing 25% off coupon and rewards certificates, navigate back to your profile home page.

As a Sig Tau member, you could save even more with a special discount on your auto insurance!  Check out the link below and see how much you could save.


Member Action Protection Program (MAPP)

Receive secondary coverage for injuries or accidents that occur within or away from the chapter (not including disease or illness). For additional assistance for accident or injury, you should complete this Member Action Protection Program form.

Textbook Renter

Choose from over 3 million textbooks at up to 75% off retail prices with free shipping. Rent your textbooks and save hundreds.

Amazon Smile

Select “Sigma Tau Gamma Foundation” as your cause next time you’re shopping with Amazon Smile to make a charitable donation to the Fraternity through the Sigma Tau Gamma Foundation.