Membership Education

Path of Principles

The purpose of Sigma Tau Gamma is to be a fraternity of courageous and noble gentlemen who always endeavor forward. An updated Path of Principles supports this mission as a lifelong member development program.

The new member education program is multi-faceted and focuses on education throughout the entire undergraduate experience, not just as a new member. A member education committee began work on the creation of the program in 2020, having a phased rollout beginning with the Sigma Phase in 2021, followed by the Tau Phase, and finally, the Gamma Phase.

Sigma Phase

Sigma Phase FAQ

  • What is the Sigma Phase?
    • The Sigma Phase is Sig Tau’s new member education program, built to be informational with three key goals of the Sigma Phase:
      • To learn about the local and national organization: the history, leaders, opportunities, and other relevant facts.
      • To build relationships and get connected. Members will build brotherhood and camaraderie with other associate members, active members, and alumni; engage with their own campus and community leaders; and even hear from industry experts about the larger fraternity and sorority life picture beyond their own organization or campus.
      • To promote personal development in every associate member: Sig Tau exists to build noble generations of men. During the Sigma Phase, members will explore their own personal goals as they relate to their leadership development, academics, mental and physical wellness, and more. Members will answer the question, “what type of man do I want to be before I graduate, and how can Sig Tau help me become that man?”
  • Why did we create a new, new member education program?
    • It was time! Feedback from undergraduate members indicated the need for an update. Sig Tau’s history remains, but the way students learn and the opportunities Sig Tau can provide them are ever-evolving. The Sigma Phase is designed to honor Sig Tau’s past and incorporate new information and learning methods like videos, PowerPoints, Learning Management Systems, and activity-based discussions.
  • Who created the Sigma Phase?
    • The committee responsible for the creation of the program included alumni (some of whom helped write the original Path of Principles Program), undergraduate members, and HQ Staff. The team was made up of representatives from all types of chapters from all over the country, and the content was laid out and arranged by industry experts and curriculum developers.
    • The Sigma Phase was piloted and improved BY undergraduates FOR undergraduates. Ten chapters implemented the program in the fall of 2021 and fine-tuned the Sigma Phase to be exactly what chapters needed and wanted in a new member education program.
  • How does the Sigma Phase work?
    • This five-week program consists of two meetings or activities per week. Association, big/little brother assignments, and Initiation are still built into the program, and the program is still led by the director of education & wellness, with guest speakers and other executive cabinet officers attending periodically throughout the program. The capstone of the Sigma Phase is the opportunity to attend Noble Man Institute – a national program and weekend leadership development experience – with other new members from across the country.
  • What did we keep from the old Path of Principles program, and what’s new in the Sigma Phase?
    • Several components of the Sigma Phase are familiar: big/little brothers, a service or philanthropy event planning component, and introductions to all chapter officers. Some concepts have been built on: for example, brotherhood building is now more intentional – with structured brotherhood activities that chapters have told us are “better at building brotherhood faster and earlier on” and are their “favorite part of the Sigma Phase.”
    • New ideas and concepts include an emphasis on developing the member and setting personal goals that fit into the larger chapter picture. We also know it’s important that all chapters of Sig Tau have the same new member experience as a basis for their membership. The Sigma Phase accomplishes that goal while still allowing flexibility to create a schedule that works for the individual chapter.
    • Finally, we are providing more resources and training for the Sigma Phase. Directors of education & wellness will be trained on how to facilitate the program at the Earl A. Webb Academy of Principled Leaders this January. They will also receive a facilitator guide that explains how to facilitate the content, links to the videos, PowerPoints, and workbooks for new members to utilize, and more.
  • When does this start?
    • All directors of education & wellness will learn how to facilitate the Sigma Phase at the Earl A. Webb Academy of Principled Leaders each January and will begin immediate implementation with their next new member classes.
  • I’m not an associate member; what do I need to know about how this affects me?
    • Chapter Officers: All chapter officers have a role to play in the Sigma Phase. Talk to your director of education & wellness about how and when you’ll be expected to be involved in the Sigma Phase.
    • Active Members: Your support is crucial to the success of the Sigma Phase. Aside from your potential role as a big brother, your knowledge of the program and ability to communicate how it works to potential new members during recruitment and to other stakeholders is important.
    • Alumni: If member education is important and you want to serve as a chapter’s Education and Wellness Advisor, you have the opportunity to help advise a chapter in the implementation of the Sigma Phase. Email for more information.
    • Campus and University Staff: The Sigma Phase provides plenty of opportunities and encourages the inclusion of university staff during various meetings (if desired). Talk to the chapter president or director of education & wellness for more information on where you can be involved.
  • I still have questions about the Sigma Phase – who can I talk to?
    • We encourage you to first talk to your chapter’s director of education & wellness directly. If you still have questions, email HQ Staff at
  • I’m a parent or Fraternity and Sorority Life Advisor who wants to know what the associate members are learning about. Can I know?
    • The entire Sigma Phase is available to access and contains no private or ritual-related content. If you have questions, we encourage you to talk to your student, the chapter’s president, or the director of education & wellness or to reach out to an HQ Staff member about the program.
    • We know the idea of not knowing what to expect in a new member meeting is daunting. That’s why, for each session or meeting, there are agendas and outlines available that explicitly state what the student will be learning in that session.
    • We also recommended connecting with associate members about their experiences during the program. Some questions you can ask include:
      • What service or philanthropy event is your associate class working on?
      • What’s been the most interesting thing you’ve learned so far in your new member education process?
      • Tell me about your favorite activity from the Sigma Phase.
      • Tell me about some of the other associate members you’ve connected with during the Sigma Phase.
      • Tell me about your big brother in the fraternity.
      • Have you considered any leadership positions within the fraternity?
      • What have you learned about yourself through the new member education experience?